2019 runoff could be the most expensive in state history

Estimated $20-million will be spent to get your vote

Thomas Perumean
October 16, 2019 - 10:13 am

Getty Images - Kagenmi


Political consultant Roy Fletcher says this could be the most expensive one-month ever in Louisiana political history, with an estimated $20-million dollars being dumped into media ads for votes.  

“There’s just going to be a lot of money spent quickly, not just by the campaigns, but all the PACs, the interests, the whole deal,” says Fletcher.

The opening salvo came Friday when Eddie Rispone hit the airwaves with an ad showing President Donald Trump at a rally in Lake Charles attacking incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards and showering praise on the Republican candidate.  

In response, John Bel Edwards hit back with a familiar note that a vote for Rispone is a vote for Bobby Jindal and a return to failed policies that left Louisiana with the billion dollar deficit.  

Fletcher says the money will pour in from both national parties and governors associations, along with additional funding from partisan actors like George Soros and Charles Koch.

An ad blitz is expected to flood airwaves at all hours with punches and counter punches.  And, Fletcher says, a lot of money is also going to all platforms.  “There will be mail, there will be phones, TV, Radio, social media,” says Fletcher. “Any place they can find to spend money, it will be spent.”

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