More than $200K stolen from Gretna Post Office mailboxes

WWL Newsroom
February 05, 2020 - 7:19 am

Federal and local authorities investigate how more than $200,000 in checks and packages were stolen out of curbside mailboxes at a Gretna Post Office.

According WWLTV, Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson says his department has been investigating thefts at that post office since late December. He says so far, 40 people had checks and packages stolen. Lawson also says in some cases the names and dollar amounts on those stolen checks were changed and either cashed or deposited into other accounts.

Today, the curbside mailboxes at the post office on Gretna Boulevard are now taped shut, and customers will have to go inside the post office to drop off their letters and packages.

Because of the amount of money stolen, the mail thefts are now being investigated by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and Department of Homeland Security.

If you are a victim of this mail theft you can report it to the postal inspector at 877-876-2455 or online here.

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