More students choosing home, online schools over classrooms

August 07, 2017 - 8:43 am

More students are getting their education at home instead of traditional classrooms.  According to the state department of education, 26,000 students are homeschooled, while 4,000 more are enrolled in online charter schools.  Superintendent for University View Academy Lonnie Luce says many families enjoy the flexibility of at-home schooling.

“The flexibility of homeschooling or working in a school like ours just provides a whole different array of opportunities to certain families,” Luce said.

About 9,000 more students studied at home in 2016 than in 2010.  Luce says that’s because parents have more options today than they did years ago.  He says some families move a lot for work, so brick and mortar schools don’t work as well.  He says others choose on-line learning to escape problems in school.

“A number of students come to us because they were bullied in their school. So the social environment is a big issue of why parents choose to send their kids here,” Luce said.

Luce says if the student has a dedicated parent or learning coach, the schooling can be just as good online as it is in the classroom.  He says they even help with socializing by organizing field trips, clubs, and even a prom.

“I think some of the socialization that we’re able to do is actually more controlled and better for families that want to control the socialization of the children,” Luce said.

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education has raised concerns about home schooling without any accountability.

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