More people are choosing self-employment

Jim Hanzo
February 28, 2018 - 9:18 am

More and more Americans are deciding to go into business for themselves, according to a recent study.  

The number of those self-employed has risen to just over 40 million according to MBO Partners, in Virginia.  

Mark Rosa, Professor of Business at UNO says it happens with a lot of those experienced workers who are looking to have more flexible hours.

"Low unemployment rates have created a lot of opportunity," Rosa said.  

He added that there are still of  lot of senior employees in the workforce with decades of experience inside of an industry. 

They find that, 'I can take my retirement spinoff, cut a little side deal for myself in terms of providing a service or a product that businesses can use and that people will be interested in.'"

Choosing independent work, rather than being forced into it. 

"I think they are choosing to do it more on their own," Rosa said.  "I don't hear a lot about companies forcing people to retire.  Usually that's a way to cut cost and to trim down a little bit.  We are seeing more expansionary activity than contracting."  

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