More flights coming to Armstrong?

WWL Newsroom
January 22, 2020 - 7:57 am
Morning Business Report


By Jennifer Kushinka

Louisiana officials' decision to throw out a recent Medicaid contract award might boost Centene and cast a shadow on Humana.

The contracts are worth $8 billion. Centene, which has about one-third of the state's current enrollment, had been set to lose the business, while CVS was also slated to lose its role.

The re-bid gives Centene and CVS another chance to keep their spots in the future, while leaving their current enrollment intact during the re-bid process.

Humana, which had been set to enter the state under the original decision, now has to go through the process again.

Revenue from food and drinks has increased from a new $1 billion terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, which could mean more flights are added in the future.

There was a 32% surge in food and beverage revenue in November, compared to November 2018. The new terminal opened Nov. 6.

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