A mixed bag; higher crude prices mean higher prices at the pump

Jim Hanzo
April 20, 2018 - 9:30 am

Prices at the pump are responding to the increased demand and higher oil prices.  

The price of crude has risen above 68 dollars a barrel the first time since 2015, which is great for people in the oil industry, but bad for customers at the pump.  

AAA's Don Redman calls it a mixed blessing for folks in Louisiana where our state revenue relies on higher crude prices. 

"For the consumer  we're paying more at the pump which erodes some of the tax savings that we've seen," Redman said.  "However it also helps the state coffers and it also helps employment, so it is kind of a mixed bag.   

It's what has been predicted but compared to the rest of the nation we're still one of the lowest states when it comes gas prices. 

"We did anticipate that we were going to be looking at prices higher obviously this year than last year and we had been forecasting our members to brace for about $2.50 a gallon," he added. 

Redman said we'll hover around that price heading into May and the beginning of the summer.

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