Spillway could be open for another month even as river falls

Corps would like to see several more inches in drop

Chris Miller
June 18, 2019 - 9:36 am

After months of high water, some river gauges on the lower Mississippi are finally showing the water going down, it looks like at least a month before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can even consider closing the Bonnet Carre spillway.

The corps narrowly avoided having to open the Morganza floodway, and river levels are falling at Red River landing. Closer to home, water levels at the Carrollton gauge in New Orleans may drop half a foot in the next month -- to about 16 and half feet. \

"And we're waiting for the river to get closer to 16 feet before we can begin the closing process of the spillway," said Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Matt Roe.

Roe reminds us that it is a forecast, not something set in stone.

"We drain 41 percent of the contiguous United States and so what happens up there really makes a difference down here," he said.

Roe said they have already set a record for total number of days the spillway has been open in a single year, and total number of days the Mississippi River is at a high water level.

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