Million dollar lottery ticket sold in Bucktown

Match-5 winner among three tickets sold nationwide

Thomas Perumean
February 05, 2020 - 12:32 pm
Million dollar winning lotto ticket sold in Bucktown

Chris Miller


A winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was sold in Bucktown.  

Live Oak Discount Zone at the corner of Live Oak and Lake Avenues sold the ticket for the most recent game.  

The winner is among three winning tickets that matched five numbers.  No one got all the numbers to win the grand prize; and because of that total goes to more than $187 million dollars.  

Lottery players arriving at the store to check tickets and pick up coffee were surprized when they found out someone from their local spot had won.  

This man took the news with a laugh, "That's awesome, I wish it was me!"  

"I've been playing the Lottery, at this location for a long time," says Jeff Young.  "Still haven't won anything, yet, but to hear that a winning ticket actually sold here makes me want to keep coming back."  

When asked what he'd do if he won a million bucks, Young said, "A lot of things.  Probably a new car, put some away for the kids.  Not be crazy with it. Obciously you think a million dollar is a lot of money, which obviously it is.  Put some things away and hopefully retire a little bit sooner than expected."

The winning numbers are 32, 48, 50, 51, 64 and Megaplier 10

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