Metro Crime Commission calls for changes to New Orleans criminal justice reform

Watchdog calls for New Orleans criminal justice reform to be reformed

Chris Miller
June 19, 2019 - 10:42 am

Can New Orleans' criminal justice system do a better job of reducing jail population but still keep bad guys off the streets? It's a question that has come up after police say a pair of armed robbers tied up drug store workers and shot a cop.

Metro Crime Commission president Rafael Goyeneche says a risk-assessment process deemed suspect Richard Sansbury to be a low risk to public safety, despite accusations he tied up store workers to steal prescription narcotics from a drug store, then shot at police. Goyeneche says that's evidence that assessment tool needs to be changed.

"We've had some meetings with some of the city officials on this thing, and they're listening," said Goyeneche. "At least we're in some dialog with some of the city officials about this."

Goyeneche says they've examined several months' worth of public safety assessment to see if this case is typical, or if it's an outlier.

"We're preparing a report, taking a look at about nine months of assessments, and we'll be releasing that in the near future," he said.

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