Metro area residents voice their opinion on raising taxes or cut spending during Louisiana special session

Jim Hanzo
February 19, 2018 - 9:42 am

The special session begins today in Baton Rouge.  We talked to some folks who weighed in as to whether state legislators should raise or renew taxes, cut spending or do both to handle the state's budget woes.  

"Cut spending, period," said one woman.  "I think their priorities are out of whack."  

This man agreed. that a lot of the programs need to be cut and said...
"A lot of the giveaway programs should be cut back," he said.  "Everybody should pay something.  Everybody that gets something, should pay something."  

"A combination of both, and also I want to know where is all the money from the casinos going," this lady said.  "Wasn't that supposed to be for education?"

"I don't think they need to raise any taxes but they need to look at how they're spending it," this man stated.  "An example, we had Hurricane so what did the politicians do, 'we're taking a trip to Norway to see how they handle flooding and all.' It was just a vacation for them, they did absolutely nothing." 

This man doesn't think they should raise taxes or cut spending. 
"Keep it going and do better, and try to do something for people who need it," he said. 

And when it comes to saving TOPS.
"I think they need to work on it a little better, especially for the kids that are actually doing good, we're trying hard, they definitely need to reward us more," this college student said.   

The special session ends March 7. 

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