Metairie now has its own flag

Chris Miller
October 03, 2018 - 3:12 pm

Metairie is kind of a nebulous thing -- it's not an incorporated city, but it's a little to big to just be considered a "neighborhood." Now the unincorporated region of the Jefferson Parish Eastbank has its own flag, thanks to the Jefferson Chamber of Young Professionals, part of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.

"With a population of approximately 150,000 residents, Metairie is the largest community in Jefferson Parish, the fourth largest in Louisiana, and the fifth largest census-designated place in the United States," according to the chamber's news release. "The flag’s distinctive colors and features display a diverse French-Spanish-American heritage and a sincere appreciation for the area’s rich Louisiana history and New Orleans ancestry. Both familiar and fresh, the most notable attributes of the flag are its three golden fleurs and coeurs de lis (flowers and hearts of the lily) balanced in a coupling of trinity arrangements, respectively representing tradition, wisdom, prosperity, opportunity, faith, and innovation. The red and blue foundation and aspirational thin, white stripe signify the principles of natural liberty and equal justice guiding a limited, transparent government."

"The Metairie Flag is quite literally a banner opportunity to promote excitement and interest in where we live," said Matt Miller, 2018 JCYP Chairman. "With a cohesive symbol for Metairie, and more broadly the entire unincorporated region along Metairie Ridge, we hope to unite the area and make a lasting cultural impact."

The flag gets its first official raising Thursday, November 1.

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