Memorial Day in the time of Coronavirus

While plans get curtailed, folks take time to remember somber meaning of the day

Thomas Perumean
May 25, 2020 - 6:00 am
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Folks leaving Zuppardo’s in Metairie spoke about how they were going celebrate Memorial Day:

“Just me and my wife, we’re going to stay in the back yard,” says one elderly man as exits the store. 

The threat of having people around and being exposed to COVID-19 is just too much for many.

“I’m gonna cook and stay home with my mother, she’s 93,” says Sandy.  “I think people ought to be safe and not get in big crowds,” Sandy explains.  “Kids can spread [coronavirus] to adults.  So I’m gonna go home and wash my whole body before I touch my mom.”

But as many decide on a small gathering if any, remembering the reason for commemorating the last Monday in May as more than just another day off.

“Hats off to the veterans,” Hennessey says as he lets us in on his plans.  “Maybe I might do a little small barbecuing, no big bash like years past.”

Ben is a healthcare professional with Ochsner and he will be working today.  “A great deal of thanks to all veterans,” Ben says.  “My father was a veteran and I have many relatives who are veterans.  I appreciated everything they do, their service, and their sacrifices and the ultimate sacrifice.”

Another man, who didn’t want to tell us his name, talked about Memorial Day from a different point of view:  “I get thanked a lot—I’m a veteran.  It’s always on the back of your mind that this day is for the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  This is for them, this isn’t for the guys that served, this is the guys that paid that ultimate sacrifice.”

Maybe having a day off from a backyard cookout to remember what Memorial Day means and stands for is a good thing.


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