Last time gas was this cheap on Memorial Day:

Chris Miller
May 25, 2020 - 11:04 am
President George W. Bush, Nick Saban, John Gruden

Alex Wong/Jamie Squire/Donald Miralle/Getty Images


Memorial Day gas prices in Louisiana are the lowest they've been in 17 years.

"For Louisiana, if you want to look at prices similar, you have to go back to Memorial Day of 2003, when we were looking at comparable prices," said AAA fuel price analyst Don Redman.

Redman said the low prices probably won't do a lot to spur holiday travel, with pandemic restrictions around the country, and many people out of work and not having the financial resources to devote to travel.

"People aren't traveling, and understandably. We're still in the midst of the pandemic," Redman said. "There's not a whole lot of places one can go or a lot of options."

Gasoline today costs an average of $1.60 in metro New Orleans. Last year, it was $2.42.

That last time Memorial Day gas prices were in this range, George W. Bush was in his first term, Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster was nearing the end of his second term, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were Super Bowl Champions, and LSU's Nick Saban was on the verge of bringing the Fighting Tigers their first national title in football since 1958.

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