How will drivers get to the new airport?

With airport to open in 6 months, new interstate ramps years away

Chris Miller
August 15, 2018 - 7:16 am

In about six months, the new Armstrong New Orleans International Airport terminal will open, but how will travelers get there, since it's across the runway from the old terminal? The state Department of Transportation and Development will give an update tonight in Kenner.

Work is underway to extend Loyola south of Veterans Blvd all the way to the new terminal. 

"We're extending Loyola from Vets to the airport, and it's going to be a four-lane, divided highway," said Rodney Mallett with DoTD. He says they plan to have that work done around the same time the new terminal opens, in early 2019.

Meanwhile, planning is underway for new ramps from and to I-10 to take drivers directly to the airport without having to navigate Kenner's surface streets. Kenner mayor Ben Zahn says he just wants to make sure it's not too disruptive.

"Our first and foremost concern has been the traffic for the Kenner residents," he said. "I can basically care less about the tourists having to be caught in traffic, but I'm more concerned...with our constituents' traffic."

Mallett said that's their concern, too.

"We're going to have a short presentation to explain what the project entails, and would also like to get feedback from the public," he said.

Construction won't start until after the new terminal opens, and won't be done until around 2022. Even after the new airport opens, a lot of travelers will use the current airport road to get to the site's current parking garages, which will be long term parking with shuttle service to the new terminal.

Tonight from 5:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m at Susan Park Gym at 502 Veterans Blvd., officials will go over possible designs for new interstate flyover ramps to help airport traffic bypass Loyola and Veterans.

Watch video of the airport construction:

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