City officials: Building still unsafe but better than it was

Focus is to get remaining bodies out

Jim Hanzo
October 21, 2019 - 5:21 pm

At an afternoon news conference city officials say they continue to work to get the 2 bodies out of the collapsed Hard Rock hotel as leaders shift to recovering the bodies inside.  Fire Chief Tim McConnell talked about what they are working with.  

"One of the first victims we found, the first victim we found was on the 11th floor, the building was 18 stories, so 7 floors are on this poor individual, and they're collapsed on him and the goal is pick that off carefully," McConnell said.   

McConnell says while the building is still very unstable, it's better than it was.  The next phase is also to take the remaining parts of the cranes down.

He's says very soon a fence will be constructed around the perimer of the building for safety reasons. 

"You'll start to see steps taken to get the recovery done," McConnell said.  "So now, it's not perfectly safe but it's much safer for the first responders to be able to work in there and it's going to take some heavy equipment coming back in."  

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