Mayor Landrieu and Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell both look forward to a smooth transition

Jim Hanzo
November 21, 2017 - 4:23 pm

Mitch Mitch Landrieu and Mayor elect LaToya Cantrell at an afternoon press conference said they are both looking forward to a smooth transition when Cantrell takes over in 5 months.  

"Transitions are times of great opportunity for local government if they're done right," Landrieu said.  "It is essential for a government to maintain  stability in its day to day operations to insure the continuity of key programs and initiatives, and to establish a respectful and transparent process for personnel changes."  

Cantrell also said she expects a seemless transition when she takes over in 5 months.  

"The good news is we have a 5 month transition period and we will use it wisely and definitely effectively," said Cantrell who added, there will be no real quick moves for her, but that leadership will be in place, come May.      

Cantrell did say a priority of  hers is to suspend the use of New Orleans' much-criticized traffic cameras.

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