Mayor-elect Cantrell holds off on announcing a Director of Pubic Safety and Homeland Security

Jim Hanzo
May 03, 2018 - 7:19 am

NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison will remain on the job, as will Tim McConnell as chief of the NOFD.  Collin Arnold will be the new Director of the New Orleans Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.  Cantrell also announced that Dr. Emily Nichols will be the new leader of New Orleans EMS. 

Cantrell said she is holding off on naming a Director of Public Safety and Homeland Security, a position that former NOPD Superintendent Warren Riley was rumored to be up for.  

Raphael Goyeneche, of the Metropolitan Crime Commission calls that a prudent move. 

"I think that Warren Riley would be a problem in that position because his tenure in the police department resulted in a consent decree and under that title of Public Safety and Homeland Security, ostensibly, the police department would be answering to him," Goyeneche said.  

He says obviously you want to have somebody that  knows what to do if a disaster hits. 

"There are people that work in that agency that were there under the prior director that have a knowledge of the city's capabilities and what the protocols are, so I think there are people that are qualified to fill that roll," Goyeneche noted.  

And he says Riley would be a lot of baggage that the new administration doesn't need.  

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