Ingram pays homage to Deuce after tying his record

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
December 10, 2018 - 9:12 pm



Saints running back Mark Ingram has 49 rushing touchdowns, tying Deuce McAllister for the team record.

"He had such a great career here and set the standard for running backs coming through New Orleans," Ingram said of Deuce and tying his record.

In true Deuce fashion, Ingram dragged defenders with him on his path to the endzone in the record tying score.

"Just to be able to have a run in that fashion to tie such a great record in this franchise, it's good. It’s a good feeling,” Ingram said Monday. "I think that was a good run to be able to tie Deuce."

Ingram noted that McAllister has always been very supportive.

"I appreciate him... He has been around since day one. He has always been encouraging." 

Deuce has tried to help the Heisman Trophy winner get better and better.

"Sometimes he comes and sits in the running back room and we’ll go over film, or if he sees something in a game he might send me a message or text me. Or when I see him we’ll chop it up for a second and he'll tell me certain things that he sees. Certain things that maybe I could do better or something that maybe I could switch up. It has just been a good relationship over the years and I appreciate him. I’m thankful for his mentorship and he’s been a good asset to my career along with many other guys that have been great pros in this league for a long time.”

Deuce tweeted, "Congrats Young Bull."

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