Marching Mardi Gras horses up for adoption

February 20, 2019 - 5:30 pm

( -- The Humane Society is working to find homes for 16 horses that will march in this year’s carnival parades. It’s the third year the program has run, and has so far saved 32 horses from potentially being sent to slaughter. Humane Society of Louisiana founder Jeff Dorson says it helps save horses who are brought into the area to accommodate equine demand during Mardi Gras.

“They have to buy extra horses from horse traders, and those are used strictly for the two weeks of parade season. After that they have to find homes for them. If not, then they go back to the broker and some end up at sale barns.”

The executive director says the practice likely dates back decades, or more.
Dorson says they’ve got photos, bios, information about each horses personality, and which parade they trotted in on a Facebook page, and if any of them catch your eye you can take a trip over to Cascade Stables…

“They can actually come to cascade, take a look at them. Contact us, fill out an adoption form from our website, or online at our page on Facebook, and we can help you through the process.”

The Facebook page is called Mardi Gras Parade Horse Adoption Program.
Dorson says the program has had a 100 percent success rate so far, and adds last year a Baton Rouge woman was able to adopt a horse that had a very special connection to her family history.

“Her grandfather was (the king of) Rex back in the day. She found out about our horse program, picked the one they wanted, and they couldnt be happier becayuse now they feel a year round connection with carnival season.”


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