Many issues decided at Louisiana regular session midpoint

April 24, 2018 - 10:57 am

(AP) _ Louisiana lawmakers have reached the midpoint of their regular session.
Many hot-button topics have been resolved, largely because the measures have been shelved, including most gun proposals and significant portions of the governor's legislative agenda.
Efforts to ban the death penalty and restructure the TOPS college tuition program have been rejected. The list of proposed gambling law changes has been whittled down. 
Still advancing in the Legislature are bids to toughen Louisiana's laws against hazing, strengthen government policies against sexual harassment and broaden the medical marijuana program.
Only three bills have been signed into law so far out more than 1,400 introduced by lawmakers. 
A bid to end the regular session before its June 4 deadline, to hold a special session on taxes to help balance the budget, remains questionable.

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