Man arrested after allegedly slugging people in French Quarter

Video shows shocking attacks and witness attempts to warn others

Thomas Perumean
June 19, 2019 - 12:27 pm

Getty Images - Mario Tama


Terrifying video shows a shirtless man walking up to random people and punching them without warning or provocation.  You can hear the person shooting the video warning two people, "He's dangerous, watch out!  He's hitting people, watch out!" 

The escapade of violence took place in closing minutes before midnight June 12th.  25-year old Ray Julien is shown on the video randomly striking unsuspecting people on Bourbon Street, between Dumaine and St. Philip Streets in the backside of the French Quarter.

"I saw him punch four people," Keliecia Smith told WWL-TV.  She was in the French Quarter celebrating her birthday.  People followed Julien, warning others about him, and trying to stop him. 

"You have everybody: black, white, tall, short, old trying to stop him," said Smith. "We were trying to stop him without hurting him altogether. Just one person is broken doesn't mean the French Quarter is scary."

Police say Julien reportedly attacked as many as seven people.  Police searched the Quarter looking for Julien, ultimately finding him three blocks away on Chartes.  Officers needed to use a stun gun in order to arrest Julien.   

Julien was booked with one count of resisting an officer and seven counts of simple battery.

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