Man arrested at McDonald's after pulling machete

Chris Miller
March 14, 2019 - 5:27 pm

Kenner Police arrested a 21-year-old man today after he pulled a machete in a McDonald's on Loyola Drive. Edward Hayes was booked on a charge of illegal carrying of a weapon and disturbing the peace.

"An employee alerted the manager that Hayes was carrying something wrapped in a shirt and the manner in which he carried the object that it could possibly be a shotgun," Kenner police said in a statement. "However, when Hayes entered the restaurant, he hid the object under his arm by his side." 

Police say Hayes asked for a cup of water, then took a seat near the back of the restaurant. 

"An employee cleaning tables near Hayes observed what they believed to be the handle of a shotgun protruding from under the shirt," said police. "At about the same time this was reported to the manager Hayes stands, throws the cup of water on the floor and begins acting erratic."

Police say that's when the management got employees and customers out of the building and called police. Officers arrived and took Hayes into custody as he ran from the restaurant.

"At this stage it is still unknown what was Hayes’ motive," police said. "However, had it not been for the actions of the manager, this incident could have very well turned into a tragic situation and the manager should be commended."

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