Luna Fête lights up downtown with high-tech art

Chris Miller
December 06, 2018 - 7:55 am

Tonight, downtown New Orleans will be lit up with art from Gallier Hall to Piazza d'Italia. It's the high-tech art exhibit known as "Luna Fête."

"This is year five, so we started in 2014 and we're proud to say we're now the longest consecutively-running light-projection festival in the United States," said Arts Council New Orleans Executive Director Heidi Schmalbach.

Schmlabach says the art revolves around light and technology, featuring local artists and artists from around the world.

"Just the setup of the event takes about a week," explained Schmalbach, and the artists work all year on their creations: "For our local artists installations, we started a training program a few years ago. When we started Luna Fête in 2014, there just were not a lot of artists who were working in this scale, in this medium."

Luna Fête's art ranges from building-sized projections to smaller stand-alone works, and it's spread out from Gallier Hall to Fulton Street along Lafayette Street.

Schmalbach says such technology-intensive displays aren't typically found in New Orleans, "and really even in the United States. This projection mapping has been around for a while but it's just more popular, and happens more often, in Europe and Asia."

Luna Fête returns tonight at 6:00 p.m. Art will be displayed from six to 10:00 p.m. through Sunday.

Click here for more details on exhibits and where they are located.

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