Coach: LSU win over FL great for recruiting, readying for MS State

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October 15, 2019 - 10:20 am



Tim Zimmer reporting...

The LSU Tigers improved to number two in the polls this week following their 42-28 win over the Florida Gators on Saturday. Coach Ed Orgeron is very complimentary of his team’s performance on Saturday.  

The LSU offense was able to gain 511 yards of total offense. Coach O said give credit to the offensive line especially the offensive tackles.  

“Excited about the play of the offensive line. Zero sacks against a very, very good rush unit. Zero turnovers. We ran the football. We gave time for Joe (Burrow) to throw the football. I'm excited about the play of our tackles. I thought Austin and Saahdiq Charles had their best game. After watching film, the interior was very solid.” 

The Florida Gators hung with LSU for most of the game as both teams went up and down the field offensively all night. When asked about putting away the Gators in the fourth quarter, Coach O credited not only the players, but the 102,321 fans who stayed for sixty minutes. 

“Saturday morning was a special day when we woke up. We knew we were going to win the game, we felt it. We knew it was going to be a challenge... At the end of the game, to see that stadium, we needed them in the fourth quarter. Everybody stayed in their seat. It was a tremendous energy. You talk about a winning edge, that was the winning edge.” 

Tiger QB Joe Burrow and the Tigers continue to get praise from the media. Burrow is now one of the three QBs in contention to win the Heisman trophy. While it means a lot, Coach O says it won’t get in the way of Mississippi State this Saturday.  

“But it does do something for your program. That's why you come to LSU. You want the expectations to be high, but you also want to meet those expectations. Doesn't mean a hill of beans when you go to Mississippi State and not play well. We have a lot riding on the line. It's one game at a time. Mississippi State is in our way.” 

Speaking of Joe Burrow, Coach O was asked about the top teams in the country all having elite quarterbacks. He spoke about what makes #9 so especially when he’s on the field. 

“He's like a coach on the field. He really studies the offense. He knows the game plan. He can probably call the plays before we call them. But the good thing is; he, Steve, Joe are on the same page. I was really impressed. We knew Joe could do that. He extended some plays with his feet. We didn't give up no sacks, but he avoided a couple sacks with his feet, made some big first down conversions on third down for us.” 

One thing that this win can do is showcase a program on national television. The sidelines were filled with recruits before the game and LSU put on a show for them. 

“First of all, having ESPN Gameday here, playing the Florida Gators, a team that all of us are recruiting the same guys, but the biggest thing that I thought was the difference and helped us in recruiting is you can tell them about Death Valley on Saturday night, but a lot of them's first time in Tiger Stadium.” 

Orgeron says the plan worked. 
“To a man and to a parent, they said, ‘Coach, we have never seen nothing like that. We've been around a lot of schools. We have never seen a crowd and atmosphere like we saw last night.’  What a fantastic job by our fans.” 

Finally, Orgeron talked about his upcoming opponent for this Saturday, the Mississippi State Bulldogs. He says the noise and the cowbells will be something they need to prepare for. Davis Wade Stadium can be a tough place to play if you’re not prepared.  

“What happens with Mississippi State, they're going to pick one game a year that there's a target on. Always seems to be LSU. They're going to play their best game. We're going to expect their best football game. We're going to play crowd noise.” 
He says he will have the Tigers better prepared for cowbells, music, and the loud fans in the stadium.  

Kickoff in Starkville this Saturday is at 2:30pm on WWL Radio.  

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