Tiger fans can purchase the new LSU flex pass for this year's football games

Jim Hanzo
August 10, 2018 - 9:38 am

There is something new when it comes to getting LSU football tickets this season.  It's called the flex pass, a brand new option for LSU fans who can redeem their vouchers in different quantities for LSU games. 

Tiger fans will receive their flex pass tickets digitally on their smart phone 24 hours before the game, according to Brian Broussard, Associate Athletic Director for Ticket Sales and Operations at LSU.  

"A fan can purchase a set of vouchers and it starts off at 7 vouchers for $360 and what it allows a fan to do is redeem those vouchers for games throughout the season," Broussard said.    

You would be limited to using only 2 vouchers at a time for some of the high profile games like Alabama and Georgia,

"If they wanted to go to the Southeastern game, or Ole Miss, or something like that, they could use all 7 vouchers for that one game," he said.  "It's just a much more flexible plan for fans to try and come to LSU games."    

For some games you could use all 7 vouchers if you'd like, giving you more options.    

And getting the flex pass on your phone 24 hours before the game gives LSU some flexibility when it comes to trying to give fans better seats that are available. 

And Broussard says so far tickets sales overall are doing well.  

"We have over 70,000 season tickets sold which is tops in the SEC," Broussard said.  

 He says now is the time to get your LSU tickets.

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