LSU starts a national search to replace F. King Alexander

December 15, 2019 - 9:35 am

LSU has started a national search to replace former president F. King Alexander.

LSU Law Dean, Thomas Galligan, takes over as interim school President while the institution conducts a national search to replace former President F. King Alexander, who left for Oregon State.

Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin says the search may be national, but some prominent local names are appearing as early favorites.

“You are hearing some non-traditional names being bandied around already in terms of Stephen Moret and Jay Dardenne. Those are non-traditional types of folks to be running a university.”

Dardenne leads the Division of Administration, and Moret is the President of the LSU Foundation.

Erwin says whoever takes over for Alexander will have big shoes to fill. Erwin says Alexander was making good progress on turning LSU into a destination for talented students and staff, and that effort will have to proceed.

“Continue to raise its stature as an academic institution to compete against the folks in our region that we do have to compete with, not just for student-athletes but for quality academic students.”

But it is, after all, LSU. So athletic success remains a requirement for the job. The school recently invested a lot of money in new AD Scott Woodward, but the new President will have to keep an eye on the program.

“We know that academics are the most important part of what a university is supposed to do. That is just fundamental. But you cannot separate the athletic portion of it.”

Alexander’s last day will be December 31st. He served as school President for six years.

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