LSU School of Veterinary Medicine “improperly compensates” faculty member over $400k

March 18, 2019 - 4:02 pm


The state Legislative Auditor’s office releases a report that shows LSU paid a faculty member over $400,000 in salary and benefits for nearly three years, even though that person admitting to not performing work for the university during that time. State auditor Barrett Hunter said the School of Veterinary Medicine did not take sufficient action to address the employee’s lack of performance.

“Essentially, I think, he pretty much abandoned his position.  He wasn’t coming in, but he couldn’t show the internal audit any support of anything else he was doing, articles or anything like that,” said Hunter.

The audit showed the employee was having performance issues, not showing up for work and management didn’t take appropriate action to handle the issue.  Hunter said according to LSU’s audit, even the employee acknowledge he was undeserving of his pay.

“He admitted to a period of at least July 2016 through August of ’18 that he did not deserve the pay,” said Hunter.

Hunter said there is a chance that the employee could face legal ramifications for the payment.

“This would be close to payroll fraud if he really accepted those funds and didn’t show up for work.  So, absolutely, they should recoup it and hopefully are successful in recouping it,” said Hunter.

LSU has responded saying the School of Veterinary Medicine has inserted safeguards to ensure nothing like this will occur again.

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