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LSU Professor: Louisiana Catholic Church abuse reveal could be shocking

October 18, 2018 - 9:19 am


Louisiana Catholic Bishops announce they will be revealing the names of clergy who they say have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct in the near future.

Nationwide the church has begun opening up about abuse scandals, scandals that recently rocked Dioceses in Pennsylvania, and LSU Associate Professor of Religious Studies Michael Pasquier says that case is leading to a deluge of revelations.

“Diocese are under even more pressure to do the right thing and identify and take seriously these crimes against parishioners.”

Pasquier says after trying to contain stories about rampant abuse in the past, the church is being forced by public opinion to be more transparent about its personnel’s behavior.

“The tides have changed when it comes to the Catholic Church’s ability to hide or obfuscate these crimes against people and in many ways they have no choice.”

The Louisiana Church says the revelations will come as soon as they are done verifying over 50 years’ worth of documentation on the issue. Pasquier says when they day comes, it’s possible the numbers of priests involved will be shocking.

“If we look at the case of Pennsylvania several months ago. The number could be high, and it could be rather startling for many Catholics.”

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