LSU polo shirts and Saints jerseys are red hot sellers these days

Jim Hanzo
October 02, 2018 - 8:37 am



LSU is now 5 and 0, and the Saints are 3 and 1.  That means that LSU and Saints gear are selling like hotcakes these days.  

PJ Lailhengue with Mike's Den in Mandeville says for LSU, nobody expected this. 

"Sales are definitely higher than anticipated because there weren't many high expectations when they started the season," Lailhengue said.  

Pam Randazza with the Black & Gold Sports Shop in Metairie says actually, LSU fans are actually buying up the polo shirts in purple and gold more than jerseys for the Tigers.  

For the Saints, Randazza says its Brees, Kamara and Michael Thomas jerseys that everyone wants.  

"Brees is always going to be a top seller but Kamara is blowing through the roof right now," Randazza said. 

And look out when number 22 gets back in the lineup. 

"I have no doubt we'll be selling lots of (Mark) Ingram jerseys once he gets back in there," she said. 

Lailhengue agrees that people still want the Brees jerseys, too. 

"Drew Brees is still the stud, and obviously the quarterback and captain of the team," Lailhengue said.    

Big wins by the Tigers in Florida and the Saints on Monday Night should have fans scrambling for more should those victories come in the days ahead.  

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