LSU one second away from 10-win season

November 25, 2018 - 10:57 am

Jeff Palermo reporting

LSU suffered an absolute heart breaking loss on Saturday to Texas A&M as the Aggies outlasted the Tigers 74-72 in seven overtimes. A&M sent the game into overtime with a touchdown on the final play of regulation, after a second had been put on the clock.
But Coach Ed Orgeron says that second should have never been put up, because they've been told that if the previous play ends with three seconds or left you can't stop the clock by snapping the football and throwing it to the ground.
"These guys should have won 10 games, these guys wanted it, these guys worked hard, they deserve it that one second should not have been put back on the clock in my opinion," said Orgeron.  
There were several questionable calls that went Texas A-and-M's way. It appeared LSU won the game in the first overtime when Jace Sternberger fumbled the ball away after catching a pass and LSU recovered. But the officials ruled it an incomplete pass and never reviewed the play, despite Orgeron asking for a review.
"I thought the guy caught it, ran with the football and fumbled it, they said it wasn't," said Orgeron. 
The game goes down as one of the wildest games in college football history. The 146 points are an FBS record and it's the fifth seven-overtime game in NCAA football history. The loss ends LSU's regular season with a 9-3 record and the Tigers could still end up in the Fiesta or Peach Bowl. But Coach O this is a team that should have won 10 games.
"We're going to see where this thing takes us, we still have had a very good season, came one second short of winning 10 games, that's the way we are going to approach it," said Orgeron. 
LSU will find out where it will go bowling on December 2nd.  

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