LSU merch setting records for sellers

Jim Hanzo
January 15, 2020 - 9:10 pm
LSU Tigers



Stores selling LSU merchandise can't keep them on the shelves after the Tigers wrapped up their 15-0 season in the Dome Monday night.

Fanatics runs the official LSU e-commerce store, and global co-president Jack Boyle says the title by the Purple and Gold has fueled their largest selling NCAA championship period ever.

“Right now sales are running up 25 percent over our previous all-time high which was Ohio State in 2015,” Boyle said.  

He says data was showing throughout the season that if LSU won the championship that records would be broken.  

Championship T-shirts and hats have always been top sellers, but Boyle says this year the popularity of the team’s beloved head coach has created a never before seen market for new products.

“Coach O was the number one selling “player” across all 300 of our e-commerce sites,” Boyle said.  

He adds that’s particularly impressive considering we’re in the midst of the NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons.

Boyle says demand peaks in the hours after the championship, where fans are riding a victory high.  It's that high that spurs impulse buys.

“It’s because people are out, they’re at parties, they’re celebrating, they’re still at the game, whatever it may be, but being able to capture that mobile demand right after the event is critical,” added Boyle.  

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