LSU head coach Ed Orgeron set to get big pay raise

WWL Newsroom
January 24, 2020 - 8:33 am

High off a National Championship, LSU is set to give head football coach Ed Orgeron a hefty pay raise.

The new deal will pay Orgeron $6.4 million per year over the next 6 years. The LSU Board of Supervisors will still have to approve the deal.

"Well look at Alabama’s Nick Saban he is making about  $8.7 million, that leads the SEC. This will likely put him somewhere in the vicinity of the top ten or so... top 15 at least,” said LSU Analyst Jeff Palermo.

He also says it depends on other off season coaching deals. Orgeron received a two-year extension in March which paid him $4 million per year.

"Now, I think Coach O would also tell you he is not necessarily looking to bankrupt LSU either," Palermo said. "I think he has enough respect for the university so he is probably not looking to become the highest paid coach, I mean Dabo Swinney is the highest paid coach at $9.2 million." Palermo says the deal also comes with new security for Coach O. 

This comes after Orgeron led the LSU Tigers to an undefeated, national championship in his third full year as head coach.

"Its a worthy raise for Coach O who certainly deserves it after leading what many argue to be the greatest season in college football history," Palermo said.


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