LSU expands alcohol sales to baseball after success at football games

February 12, 2019 - 7:09 am

Kevin Barnhart reporting...

Following the popularity of The Chute at Tiger Stadium, LSU baseball fans can now look forward to The Yard.  

The Yard is composed of two areas around Alex Box Stadium where fans can purchase and consume beer and wine during games so long as they are at least 21 and have purchased a wristband for the area.  

Senior Associate Athletic Director Robert Munson said the area comes in response to fans to enjoy alcohol as part of their game day experience.

“For $20, you get entry and two beverages, and if you want to purchase additional beverages, you can do so for about $6 a beer,” said Munson.

Putting the area outside of the stadium along with the restricted entry keeps the school in compliance with SEC regulations.

Munson said fans don’t have to worry about missing any action while hanging out in The Yard.

“We will have televisions set up with a live feed of the game, so there will be no delay.  You can watch the game as you enjoy your beverages and you won’t miss a second of it,” said Munson.

Munson said The Yard will be ready to endure whatever the Louisiana weather may throw out it.

“We’re going to be sheltered from any rain.  We’re also going to throw a heater in there or a cooler in there, depending on what time of the year.  You know, it can get pretty cold at Alex Box Stadium early in the season,” said Munson.

The Yard opens this Friday at the LSU season opener.

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