LSU’s football national championship earns university more than $200-million in media exposure

Jim Hanzo
January 23, 2020 - 9:52 am
LSU champions



Thanks to LSU's national championship football team, experts are estimating that more that the university received more than $200 million in free media exposure between December 1st and January 21st as a result of the football team’s successful title run. 

Jeremy Creutz who is the director of sponsorship analytics for Joyce Julius and Associates, says they estimate LSU had over 150,000 mentions across TV, internet and print media.

“We find out how many mentions they received and we compare that to what you need to spend in traditional advertising cost to receive that,” Creutz said.  

Creutz says that in the realm of collegiate athletics, this is among the biggest measurements they’ve seen.

“We saw it was the perfect storm of exposure from the SEC Championship game to the Heisman ceremony all the way up to the national championship game and ending up at the White House,” he added.  

Creutz says while it may not be tangible dollars, the exposure can be parlayed into merchandise sales and interest in attending LSU.

“We say that gets them, especially the football program back on par with an Alabama as far as recruiting, enrollment, all of those types of things,” said Creutz.

LSU reports a 5% increase in applications during the week before and after the college national championship game.

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