LSU can't hang on to get 10th win, loses to Texas A&M in septuple OT

Highest scoring game in FBS history

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 24, 2018 - 11:38 pm

The LSU Tiger Football team lost to Texas A&M Saturday night 74 to 72 in seven overtimes.

It was a game that saw the score tied repeatedly and some crazy twists and turns.

LSU thought they had sealed the win late in the fourth quarter after an apparent Tiger interception.  The turnover was overturned, however, after review of the play showed that the Aggie QB was actually down after muffing the snap and touching his knee to the ground when he picked up the ball... before he threw it.

The players even gave Coach Ed Orgeron a Gatorade bath when it looked like LSU could just run the clock out and won game number ten on the year.

Instead A&M's offense came back out.

They drove down the field, and it looked like time ran out before the Aggies could spike the ball.  Officials ruled that there was still one second in the clock after video review.

The Aggies went on to tie the game with no time left.

LSU got the ball first in overtime and scored a field goal.

The Aggies got the ball, and on their first offense play threw a pass inside the five yard line, but the ball popped out and appreaded to be recovered by the Tigers.  The ruling on the field was that it was an incomplete pass.

A&M drove down inside the two yard line after that, with first and goal.

The Tigers knocked the Aggies back a couple of yards on first down.

On second down, it was another LSU tackle for loss.

Third down was an incomplete pass from the six yard line.

With fourth and goal, A&M elected to kick a short field goal.  That sent the game to a second overtime.

The Aggies offense came right back out and this time scored a touchdown to take a seven point lead.

Now the pressure was on the Tigers to send the game to a third OT.

LSU ran a pair of QB runs to get to the eleven yard line.  An incomplete pass in the end zone barely missed tying the game again.

The Tigers had to go for it on fourth down from the two yard line, punching it in and sending the game to a third overtime.

This time LSU scored a TD pass on the first play of the period, and under the rules had to go for a two point conversion.  They got it, taking an eight point lead.

Now A&M had to get a touchdown and two point conversion to send the game to a fourth overtime.

First down was an incomplete pass to the end zone.

On second down, the Aggies scored.

The two point try was good.

On to the fourth OT.

LSU forced A&M into a fourth and long, but a helmet to helmet tackle drew a personal foul penalty and gave the Aggies a new set of downs on the eight yard line.

The Tigers were able to force another fourth down, and Aggies kicked a field goal. It was now 49 - 52.

LSU used a 17 yard pass to get first and goal on the eight yard line.

A touch down would win; a field goal would send it to a fifth OT.

The Tigers ran the ball to the six on first down.

Second down brought a QB run for no yards.

On third down, LSU another QB run got the ball to the three yard line.

LSU elected to kick the field goal on fourth down.  The Tigers got a delay of game and had to kick again, making it a 26 yard attempt.

It was good.  Tie 52 - 52 heading into the fifth OT.

The Tigers pulled out some trickery and used a half back pass to score a TD from the eight yard line.  The required two point attempt was no good.

LSU led 58 - 52.

Now the Aggies had to score a TD and convert to win the game.

A QB rush took the ball to the four yard line for a first and goal.

First down was a run for a loss.

Second down from the five was another QB run for another one yard loss.

On third down, A&M tried to throw for the tie in the end zone. Incomplete.

So it came down to fourth and goal from the six.

The LSU defense rushed only three, but couldn't stop a catch in the back of the end zone.

Now the Aggies could win with a two point conversion.

No good, thrown out the back of the end zone.

Overtime number six!

The Aggies turn to start on offense led to a first play pass for a touchdown.  

On the mandated attempt for two, Texas A&M completed the pass.

Now LSU would need a TD and conversion to send it to OT number seven.

The Tigers would score on the four yard QB run, making the score 66 to 64.  If they don't get the two pointer, the game would be over.

LSU chose to spread things out and use yet another QB run to send the game to a seventh overtime.

The Aggies were caught on a pass interference on first down.  LSU had the ball first and goal on the ten.

Once again LSU scored on a QB run.

So another required attempt for two.  The Tigers couldn't convert on a deflected pass.  LSU led 72 - 66.

A&M's seventh OT drive started with a run to the 12 yard line for a first down.  

A loss of four on the next run made it second and 14.  An incomplete pass made it third down.  

It was a TD pass on third down that tied the score 72 all.

The Aggies two point attempt was no good, but there was pass interference and a dead ball foul.  So A&M got another shot to win the game from inside the one yard line.

This time there was a false start on A&M, pushing the try back to near the six yard line.

LSU rushed just three again and gave up a pass to the end zone, losing the game 74 - 72.

It was just the fifth game to go to a seventh OT in Football Bowl Subdivision history, and the highest scoring game ever.

The game took just shy of five hours.

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