LSU hoops coach Wade pleads for a reprieve

David Blake
March 14, 2019 - 1:46 pm


Another chapter in the Will Wade saga today as the embattled LSU basketball coach says he wants to return to his team.

In a statement, Wade has asked for his suspension to be lifted, so he can return to his coaching duties immediately. 

Mike Scarborough the publisher of Tiger says it remains a difficult situation for all parties involved.

''The fan base is looking at this and certainly they'd like to have him back on the court but I just don't see how they thread this needle where both sides get what they need legally,'' said Scarborough.

He doesn't see LSU reinstating Wade because the coach said in the statement, he still will not talk with LSU about reports that link him to potential recruiting violations.

"I don't think he be there coaching tomorrow unless something drastically changes or they come to a resolution between the attorneys for both sides,'' Scarborough said.

LSU returns to the hardwood on Friday as they will play in the quarterfinals of the SEC Tournament.

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