Low pressure area heads toward Gulf, 40% chance of tropical development

May 22, 2018 - 12:07 pm

(WWL.com) -- The National Hurricane Center is tracking a low-pressure system in the Caribbean Sea.

It is currently labeled Invest 90L.

Forecasters say the area of disturbed weather is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico and hit somewhere along the Gulf Coast during memorial weekend. 

National Weather Service Slidell Meteorologist Danielle Manning says as of now, it appears Louisiana should dodge the worst of it.

“It still looks like heavy rain would be the primary threat and it still looks like, currently, that the heaviest rain would be to the east of Louisiana.”

Manning warns, however, the system has the potential of developing into at least a tropical depression

“There is a slightly higher probability that it will develop now. The hurricane center in indicating a 40% chance of development into a tropical or subtropical cyclone in the next five days.”

That has Memorial Day beachgoers worried about the potential for a vacation washout. 

Manning says those who plan on heading out for the weekend need to check in on the system’s progress over the rest of the week.

“If it remains disorganized, then it might be more off and on throughout the day rather than a total washout. But, it does look there’s potential for a very wet weekend along the gulf coast.”

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