Louisiana Teachers union hails successful strike in West Virginia

March 07, 2018 - 8:24 pm


West Virginia teachers won a five percent raise for all state workers after a nine day strike. In the wake of reports showing Louisiana teachers are paid 2,000 dollars less than the regional average, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Larry Carter says if all other options are exhausted to get better conditions for teachers, he would support a strike.

“I would support that because members and school employees would actually want that, to go out, if that’s the last resort we have to get a point across.”

At the moment though, Carter says there has been no discussions locally about staging a strike. He says they’re waiting to hear more from educators.

“Going on strike is always the last resort, it’s always the last thing that teachers, school employees, and even unions for their part want. I think we have a ways to go in Louisiana, and even other parts of the country before it becomes a national strike.”

Reports say Oklahoma teachers could be the next to strike. Carter says teachers in some parts of the state haven’t had a raise in a decade, and the victory in West Virginia is getting their attention.

“Teachers and school employees are very, very fed up, and they’re looking at the victory in West Virginia, and as they notice that if you come together, make demands, and hold tight, that there can be victory in the end.”

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