Louisiana State Trooper Cadet Class #96 begins training Sunday

August 18, 2017 - 2:45 pm

State Police announces its 96th Cadet Class will begin at the LSP Training Academy this Sunday. For about 20 weeks, thirty-six men and women, hailing from a variety of backgrounds, will officially begin an intensive training regimen. Sgt. Jared Sandifer.

"While they are training they will go through things such as crash investigation, emergency vehicle operations, learning how to detect impaired drivers," sad Sandifer.

Sandifer says this class was chosen after completing an extensive hiring and recruitment process that included a written test, physical assessment, psychological evaluation, background investigation, polygraph and oral interview.

He says they are continually looking for the best and brightest men and women to embark on a professional law enforcement career.

"Let's make this a reminder that if anyone is interested, they can check out our website, LSP.org, and there is a lot of information about what the process entails and how they can become a State Trooper," said Sandifer.

Upon successful completion of the LSP Training Academy, the newly graduated Troopers will participate in a 10-14 week field training program.

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