Louisiana shrimpers threatening to strike

August 10, 2018 - 10:48 am


Louisiana shrimpers say a strike could be coming soon if prices hit thirty cents a pound, because of cheaper, imported seafood. Louisiana Shrimpers Association President Acy Cooper says many of the imported shrimp from countries like Indonesia are flooding the market just before the season kicks off in the Bayou State.

"Right before we are ready to go back to work they dump these shrimp in here and drive our prices down," said Cooper. 
Shrimpers say prices have not been this low since the 1980s as prices per pound have dropped 20-cents over the past year to around 40-cents.  
Cooper says tariffs are only a temporary fix. He says a better solution is a cap on imported shrimp.
"We've got too much product and there's no demand for it and that's where we are now," said Cooper. 
He's hoping to have a meeting with House Majority Leader Steve Scalise in the hopes the Jefferson Parish Congressman can talk with President Trump about this problem. 

In the meantime, Cooper urges consumers to buy Louisiana shrimp. 

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