Parts of Louisiana got snow

November 14, 2018 - 2:28 pm


Louisiana residents woke up to cold temps around the state today, with some in the northern portions of the state experiencing record-setting snowfall. National Weather Service Shreveport meteorologist Mario Valverde said the snowfall was seen spanning several parishes, but the area with the most accumulation this morning is Monroe.

"We have snow reports of up to a tenth of an inch reported in several different areas.  I think we're approaching half an inch in Monroe," said Valverde

Although the state has seen snowfall on record that came earlier in the year, Valverde said this is the earliest the state has seen accumulating snow.

"We've had snow probably as far early as November 2nd, actually over here in the Shreveport area, November 12th, I think, is Monroe.  This amount of snow, definitely, this is a record," said Valverde.

National Weather Service Lake Charles meteorologist Rob Meginia said most of the state will see temps at or below freezing tonight and going into tomorrow morning, with the coastal areas likely being the only area spared of getting that low.

"It'll be a little bit warmer along the coastal areas, still pretty cold though and just slightly above freezing, maybe in the mid-thirties," said Meginia

Meginia says the lowest temps are expected to occur in the few hours just before sunrise and the further inland, the lower the temps.

"Some areas like Alexandria and up in Shreveport are expected to fall into the upper-twenties, maybe getting as low as 27 or 28," said Meginia.

The National Weather Service says tonight is the night to bundle up people, pets, pipes, and plants.

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