Louisiana seafood is big for the Easter weekend

Crawfish, oysters, trout, redfish, and snapper all hot items

Jim Hanzo
April 19, 2019 - 9:20 am

Seafood is IN this Easter weekend.  Besides the Easter candy it'll be the hottest thing on the table.  And when it comes to seafood, renowned Chef John Folse, who formerly served as chairman on the Louisiana Seafood and Marketing Board says all eyes are looking at Louisiana to see what we eat and how we cook our seafood.  

"The rest of the country will be looking at the opportunity to not only look at our saltwater species, our wonderful oysters that are the best of the season right now, crawfish is now in season right now, obviously and everybody is having crawfish boils, but the rest of the country is actually watching Louisiana to see what we're eating and how we are cooking it," Folse said.   

He says shellfish will be big this weekend.  Of course crawfish is big.

"Everybody's looking to get as much of the Louisiana oysters as possible and they are the best they can possibly be, right now," Folse added.  I would say that this is probably the largest week of the year in Louisiana for seafood." 

Chef Folse says we can't forget about our wonderful fish coming from the salt waters of lakes and bayous like trout, redfish, snapper, and fresh tuna from the Gulf of Mexico.  

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