Here are the winners of the King Cake Snob 2020 Competition

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February 25, 2020 - 6:56 am
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The votes have been counted and the results are in for the 5th Annual King Cake Snob Competition. This year’s competition saw nearly 2,500 cake reviews from more than 500 different cakes from 170 bakeries across the Bayou State. Andrew Alexander with King Cake Snob says last year’s winner overall winner Manny Randazzo fell short of defending its crown.

“This year we have Antoine’s Bakery, they are the best traditional King Cake this time. Antoine’s is a Bakery out of the New Orleans area. And Caluda’s King Cake they won as the best filled King Cake, their strawberry cream cheese filled cake to be exact,” says Alexander.

Since the contest began Alexander says they’ve seen bakeries not just concentrated in the New Orleans area be added to the list of consideration to the King Cake Snob competition.

“But throughout we saw a lot of participation from bakeries and fans of bakeries, that are throughout Louisiana so it’s really becoming a great Louisiana contest in year five,” Alexander stated.

Alexander says not only does the survey rate King Cakes, but they also ask participants to admit to behaviors during the carnival season, so they learn a bit about King Cake connoisseurs.

“They answer different questions about how much they eat King Cake, and what some of their preferences are, not just for King Cake but Mardi Gras attire. If they’ve ever asked a stranger to use the bathroom? Have they ever put the King Cake baby back when no one was looking?” Alexander explained.

To view the results, you can visit here.

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