Trooper makes traffic stop, finds dead body in the truck of a bullet-riddled car

WWL Newsroom
July 31, 2020 - 1:15 pm

A Franklin Parish traffic stop leads to the discovery of a dead body in the trunk of a bullet-riddled car.

Court records show a trooper pulled a suspect over for speeding, saw bullet holes in the driver’s side door, and smelled pot coming out of the car. Master Trooper Michael Reichardt spoke with the trooper and says that gave him a strong suspicion that there might be criminal activity going on, so he got permission to search the car and found the body.

That traffic stop led to the arrest of 18-year-old Michael Mitchell Jr. who claims he and 19-year-old Cameron Powe were robbing the victim, Michael Robinson, when Powe shot Robinson and put the body in Mitchell’s trunk. Powe was arrested later that night.

Reichardt applauded the arresting trooper, saying “That is a good job on the trooper’s part to do more than to just write the ticket, and go a little farther.”

But he says the trooper was a little shook up by the incident.

“He says that was obviously the last thing that he expected, the dead body, that’s some stuff that you read about or see on TV and never expect to happen but you have got to expect anything, especially with 2020 the way it’s going,” says Reichardt.

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