Prepare to have a quiet Fourth of July this year

Coronavirus fears downsizing celebrations to intimate family gatherings

Thomas Perumean
June 29, 2020 - 6:39 am

Thanks COVID-19! 

You’ve let the air out of the day we celebrate our nation’s birth. 

The Fourth of July is heading in a decidedly different tack this year.

Out are fireworks, big parties at the park, concerts, travel to other cities for gatherings, etc.

Celebrations will be mostly backyard affairs with intimate settings, close knit families and barbecuing.  …Everybody barbecuing. 

During a quick survey at a local Metairie supermarket, the first thing out of a good 80-percent of people’s mouths was: “Staying home.”

“Staying home, can’t go out too much with this virus going on,” Lisa told me. 

April said she’s in town to visit her mother, as for her plans:  “with COVID-19, we’re staying in.”

There were some who we caught absolutely by surprise, like Linda, “You know, I haven’t even thought about it being the Fourth of July.  But as it gets closer, we’ll probably barbecue, with the family, very close, because nobody is going to be around us.”

Charles put it best:  “Ain’t too much you can do.  With all the stuff that’s going on right now.  Just taking it one day at a time, really.  No simple plans, just staying in, may barbecue at the house, that’s about it.”

Certainly the most unusual response belongs to Chris, “I really don’t know.  Honest, I don’t know, I think we’re supposed to go camping.  But that’s whether or not someone else at work is supposed to be going with decides to go.  Other than that, I might be putting out political signs for a guy running for a judgeship.”

The salutation ‘Have a safe and sane Fourth of July’ seems to take on a more important meaning this year…

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