Some "CBD" gummies found to have been spiked with synthetic marijuana

Jim Hanzo
September 17, 2019 - 1:26 pm

Tinnakorn Jorruang-Getty


State Police says they have discovered 14 products marketed as CBD gummy bears spiked with synthetic marijuana, dating as far back as April. 

Department of Health Chief of Specialty Operations Justin Gremillion says edible “CBD” products are not permitted to be sold in Louisiana.  

“We do not have any registered gummy bear CBD products, or claiming to be CBD products in the state of Louisiana, because we can’t,” said Gremillion.

CBD is non-psychoactive, but synthetic marijuana can give users an intense high.  It has been linked to medical problems such as seizures and some have been hospitalized. 

Gremillion says those products managed to make it onto shelves not because they were legal, but because it’s impossible to track every shipment of products heading into Louisiana.  

“Because of the different laws in different states that vary so much, we are seeing a broad spectrum of items and products trying to enter the state as this new law came out,” said Gremillion.

All legally sold CBD products must be labeled as such and permitted with the Department of Health.

Gremillion says with the influx of non-regulated products pouring across state borders people need to be vigilant when they are buying the newly legal CBD products.

“You can sometimes spot something if it is not properly labeled, or it might tip you off if you are getting a regulated product or not,” said Gremillion. “We do list the guidelines on the website, we follow federal guidelines for labeling.”

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