Senator Kennedy talks impeachment in Baton Rouge appearance

Jim Hanzo
November 12, 2019 - 9:38 am

Alexander Miridonov-Kommersant-Sipa USA


Senator John Kennedy continues to address the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.  Kennedy spoke in Baton Rouge Monday, and he said Representative Adam Schiff’s role as the lead investigator in the inquiry is stacking the deck against fairness to the President.

“If you turn the Speaker upside down and shake her, Adam falls out of her pocket," said Kennedy.  "It’s been a very unfair process." 

Kennedy says if the case is properly analyzed, the results will come down to whether the President had a good faith basis for believing in the possible corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

“Two questions that need to be answered and they are both inextricably linked:  The first is, why did the President ask for the investigation?  And the second it, what did Mr. Hunter Biden do for the money?” Kennedy said.  

Kennedy says the transparency of the whistleblower’s testimony is vital for the impeachment inquiry.

“What counts here is what the American people think and the American people cannot access the veracity of a witness if they can’t see the witness if it is all done behind closed doors,” Kennedy said.

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