Poll shows Who Dats the heaviest gameday drinkers

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September 11, 2019 - 9:43 pm

USA TODAY-Chuck Cook


A poll by Alcohol.org shows New Orleans Saints fans are among the heaviest drinkers on game day, downing on average 4.5 alcoholic beverages when their teams are set to play.  Fans of the Los Angeles Raiders are right there with them, according to the poll. 

Haley, a veteran New Orleans CBD bartender, would agree with that.  She says that number is likely the result of the region’s drinking culture which combines businesses fighting to get game-day customers.

“You’ll have three for one beers, I’ve even seen places do three for one mixed drinks, so liquor is more accessible, which I think promotes people drinking more," she said.

50 percent of Who Dats named beer their go-to gameday drink.  30 percent said they would prefer cocktails or straight liquor.

Saints fans also reported a 54 percent increase in the amount they drink on gamedays compared to a normal day, but Haley says due to New Orleans fans’ experience with alcohol, things tend to not get out of hand.

“Crime goes down statistically during Saints games because people are watching the game, busy, and in a good mood," she adds.

Saints fans reported the largest increase in gameday drinking, followed by fans of the Jets and Bills.  

Working near the Superdome, Haley says the biggest game-day drinking issues don’t come from Saints fans, but from thos traveling fans who tend to overdo it on the stiff drinks the city serves and then become a problem.

“A standard pour of liquor in New Orleans if you order a shot or get a gin and tonic, is going to be a two ounce pour," Haley said.  "In most places, the standard pour is an ounce and a half.”

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