Lynyrd Skynyrd monument to be unveiled in commemoration of anniversary of 1977 plane crash

Plane was traveling to Baton Rouge when in went down in swamp

Jim Hanzo
October 18, 2019 - 3:25 pm



The unveiling of a monument to Lynyrd Skynyrd takes place Sunday in Gillsburg, MS, the site of the band’s 1977 plane crash.  Sunday marks the anniversary and President of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Monument Project Bobby McDaniel says they will recognize those impacted by the crash.

“We will recognize five of the survivors from the 1977 plane crash," McDaniel said.  "Also, the rescuers that rescued the rest of them out of the swampy woods there in Gillsburg and the caregivers from Southwest Regional Medical Center.” said McDaniel.

Skynyrd was on top of the music world when the plane that was carrying the band from South Carolina to a performance at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge crashed in a swampy wooded area just about 50 miles short of the intended destination.

McDaniel says the crash area is not too far from his family’s farm and has a first-hand account of the crash.

“I am a rescuer from that night," he said.  "I went in and helped rescue the survivors as well as brought out the deceased that night.  

McDaniel says the project started as a crowdfunding effort to put up a road sign commemorating the crash area, but after a huge outpouring of support, a giant black granite monument was able to be covered.  McDaniel says tickets for the event are still available and have been purchased by attendees from 18 different states.

“Alaska, Oregon, Idaho… people are coming that far to Gillsburg, Mississippi, this weekend to pay tribute to their favorite rock-n-roll band,” said McDaniel.

The event will feature a Skynyrd tribute band performance.

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