House vote on impeachment imminent

Jim Hanzo
December 15, 2019 - 8:22 pm

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An impeachment vote on the House floor is imminent following a Judiciary Committee vote on Friday. Northwest Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson says the founding fathers warned against single party impeachments as it would be bitterly divisive, which he says is exactly the case in this situation.

“The founders were right.  They have divided the country even further and I think that it is going to be very difficult in this institution to put this genie back in the bottle,” said Johnson.

Two articles, one focusing on abuse of power related to a phone call where President Trump is accused of holding up federal aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on a political rival and the other on obstruction for refusal to cooperate in the impeachment inquiry, are heading to the floor. Johnson says impeachment has been the goal of Democrats since day one of the Trump administration.

“Ninety-five House Democrats had already voted to proceed with impeaching Donald Trump.  Before any of these facts came forward, they determined this.  They said from the day he took office that they would remove him,” said Johnson.

Johnson says the impeachment proceedings boil down to one thing: Democrats just don’t like anything about Trump.

“The way our Constitution is written is, the party in charge, even if you do have the majority in Congress, you don’t get to remove a President because you don’t like him.  They did not produce a scintilla of evidence to support a charge of impeachment,” said Johnson.

New Orleans Congressman Cedric Richmond also sat on the Committee and voted in favor of impeachment.

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